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Admission Policy and Details

Admission Policy

Admissions are to be made mainly in Class VIII. However first time induction is also to be made for Class IX. Selection is done strictly on merit, subject to general conditions as follows:-

a.        Criteria / District Wise (Eligibility): Admission will be done on merit as per District / Provisional Quota.

b.       Age & Qualifications: Girls seeking admission must have passed Class VII, and must be between 12 years to 14 years for Class VIII on 01st 
          August of the year of admission & similarly passed class VIII, and must be between 13 years to 15 years for Class IX on 1st August of the year 
          of admission.

NOTE:-  Relaxation of age on either side is NOT ALLOWED even for a single day. Moreover, the physical appearance of the candidate must also correspond to the age mentioned in her application form.

Selection Procedure

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